Friday, November 19, 2010

separation anxiety

I finally finished making the 2 butterfly ATCs. All along I thought I was to send one card and keep one card. To my surprise, I found out I was to send out both of them! At that very moment I felt a sense of panic- obviously, I developed a strong attachment to my little creation, and I wasn’t willing to let both of my babies go. I knew I could take photos, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Some of my friends suggest that I make duplicates. Well, I’m not good at that. Once my idea is materialized, I don’t want to go back and make more of the exact same things. Okay, so photo it is. This is probably a phase that I’m going through, being new at making arts and all. I’m confident that one day I can send out my creation happily without the sense of loss. If by sending these little cards out make others happy, then I actually GAIN something- it maybe intangible, but definitely has a place in my heart. Well, after double-checking the address for the 20th time, I dropped off my little butterflies to my swap partner. Twyla, here they come!

P.S. photos will be posted after my partner receive the cards

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